We made it!

We arrived at 10:00 AM to Dayton Wright Brothers Airport on Tuesday, May 22 to an amazing reception put on by the Wright B Flyer Museum and  Commander Aero. After nine days of flying, we were still one county short of 88 when we landed at Dayton because of a months long runway closing at a Licking County airport–but a little help from the folks at a nearby private field allowed us to complete our goal!  We are humbled by all of the help and interest in the flight that we received from people in communities from all around Ohio.  Check out Chris Flanagan’s story on TV5.

Here is a CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER story about our arrival. I’ll be uploading new pictures to the GALLERY over the next several days and you may want to CHECK THE BLOG for additional updates.

If you are new to this site and are wondering what we did, check out the background information on our flight around Ohio.

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