Spectacular Day Flying

14 May

We arrived to Kent State University around 8:00 AM to an amazing crowd of family, friends, colleagues and folks from surrounding communities.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol even dispatched  one of their Trooper/Pilots to Kent to send us off without any airspeed restrictions.  (We only broke 65 MPH once all day.) Two model builders asked us to sign the wings of a radio-controlled Cub they were building.  My sister made oatmeal cookies, my family brought balloons.  Everyone autographed the large bolt of aircraft fabric and one Dr. Nettey signed the first county slot on the fabric that we will use to certify the flight.

We managed to stay clear of some unfriendly weather to the north and south.  I forgot to turn on the GPS tracker for the first three airports–and shouting to Siri in the iPhone while taxiing produced some strange text messages back to our producers, Mike and Amy.  Siri thinks we landed in Beleria instead of Elyria.  And Amy is still wondering why we “ended with Dina?” in Medina.

After a full day flying, we are convinced there isn’t a bad person living in Ohio–everyone we met went out of their way to greet us, feed us, fuel the airplanes and best of all–support the scholarship.  One student from Kent (who I am certain can’t afford it), left an envelope on the seat this morning with  a donation of $100.  We were all stunned, thankful–and a little teary eyed about it.  Others handed me envelopes with contributions they had collected or donated themselves. And–did I mention hot dogs and home made ice-cream at Port Clinton?

There is much more to report but we are well– knackered.  But it is a good kind of tired. Not sure what tomorrow’s weather will bring.

More photos and stories are coming from actual photographers and writers.  Thanks to all for making this day memorable and getting us off to a great start.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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