Flight Day Five

17 May

We departed Neil Armstrong airport without meeting Neil–but we did meet Doug and Sean and they were terrific.  The Cubs stayed in a beautiful hangar, the guys found some 100W Plus oil for Joe and we even had a crew car to get us to the hotel, and they even gave us a copy of the Lima News with us on the front page.

No one was wandering the field at Troy so we took a picture of the sign.  Smiling faces have met us at all other stops today–so many that there isn’t time to tell you about all of them just yet. (I am a little behind because of the lack of wireless at some of the overnight stops.)  Sidney Airport’s new manager rolled out the red carpet for us, folks autographed the aircraft fabric and a former pipeline pilot-turned jet driver hand propped the Cubs for us and got us on our way.

John Graham and his wife welcomed us to a fine picnic at their home field and we met a lot of local pilots and their families.  We camped in Graham’s “Pilot Cabin” overnight and Bill took me for an amazing ride in Ohio Bush Plane’s Super Cub.  There is a reason it is called Super.  Lot’s to tell you, but I am out of time, will try again at the next overnight.  All the best from Joe and Ron.

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