N5MB Doesn’t Want to Stop

17 May

One of the J3s is having so much fun that it doesn’t want to stop–literally.  N5MB has been losing a little brake pressure since the second day and by the time we landed at Holmes County it was time to investigate.  Luckily, we landed at a field with two great aircraft mechanics. I unlaced the canvas seat (the most difficult part) then Tim and Dave took over and restored things to normal.

Wynkoop field is always a delight, Brian came out to greet us and we discovered from talking to this nice man who was mowing the runway that someone else also flew to all of Ohio’s county airports.  The only difference was that he was flying a DC3 (yes the one that is now parked at Beach City) and he used the Dc3’s landing gear to cut the ceremonial ribbon stretched across the runway when the airport was commissioned.  He is living in Columbus.  We are going to Columbus. Maybe Amy will be able to track him down so we can have a little dinner together?  More to come.

Guess where you can still buy a Coke for 50 cents?

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